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Wednesday evening saw Lebanon get hit with one of the fiercest thunderstorms in history. That didn't stop a crowd of bloggers from coming from all over Lebanon and the Lebanese diaspora to join in this meeting. Associated Press estimated the crowd of bloggers to be over 200 bloggers that filled the floors of Pavillon hotel, not counting those who couldn't make it to the meeting point because of the traffic. I counted over a thousand cars in Hamra plenty of them might have been bloggers on their way to the meeting.

It is not possible to remember all bloggers so I will just introduce those who I remember. I'll start alphabetically with Zainab who doesn't pay for electricity according to some and was itching to enter into the political debate but by the time she made it to the political corner the political talk came to a sudden halt after someone (Bob) quoted Al Shiraa3. Rampurple and Delirious have discovered first hand the dangers of getting too personal on an anonymous blog. N10452 was a last to arrive and first to leave. Our Emirati guest Deem kept heading right for some reason. Deem did join Ana Min Beirut, Eve, Doha, Hassan, Bob, and Myself on our second leg of the meeting which was a Lebanese dinner at Al Balad in Disney World

and the Third Leg that took us to Sea Sweet for Knafeh Ice Cream and other Lebanese dessert delicacies.

Wa Kana Allahu ma3a el Fij3aneen.

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