Antonov An-12BP Ukraine Air Alliance sletanje na niški aerodrom

Antonov An-12BP Ukraine Air Alliance sletanje na niški aerodrom

Prevoz kiev

Avionske karte Evropa

EI - Aer Lingus - Irska nacionalna kompanija Avio karte

SU - Aeroflot - Avio karte

VV - AeroSvit Avio kartelines - Ukraine - Founded in 1994, flies B737s from Kiev to the rest of the country, plus Moscow and the Mediterranean

VV - Aerosweet - Ukraina

ZI - Aigle Azur - Francuska - Letovi za alžir

CC - Avio karte Atlanta Icelandic

AB - Avio karte Berlin - Nemačka - Leovi do Palma de Majorke i ka ostalim evropskim destinacijama

JA - Avio karte Bosna i Hercegovina i Republika Srpska

EN - Avio karte Dolomiti - Italija -Lerovi za Švajcarsku, Nemačku i Španiju - Lufthansa partner

TT - Avio karte Lithuania - Lithuania - Mostly business flights around Norther Europe

FU - Avio karte Littoral - France - CRJs and ATR 42-500s out of Montpellier and Nice

UX - Avio karte Luxor - Portugalija

KM - Avio karte Malta - Za Evropu i srednju Aziju

AP - Avio karte One - Italija - Lufthansa's partenr u Italiji

GM - Avio karte Slovačka - Iz Slovačke za Mediteran

Avio karte Sofia - Bulgaria - Cargo flights on AN-12 and AN-26. This firm also specializes in accommodations and golf facilities in Sofia

R6 - Avio karte Srpska - Republic of Srpska - An ATR72-202, leased from JAT Yugoslavia, flies between Banja Luka and Zurich

6U - Avio karte Ukraine Cargo - Ukraine - Cargo division of AeroSvit flies a B767 four time a week between JFK and Kiev

BT - Avio karte Baltic - Latvia - The national Avio karteline and SAS partner

GS - Avio karte Foyle - UK - Cargo and scheduled passenger service

Avio karte Georgian Avio kartelines - Georgia - Two B737s connect cities in the former Soviet Union

LB - Albanian Avio karte lines - Albania - three Avio kartecraft serving destinations in Italy, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland and Kosovo together with a growing charter programme

AZ - Alitalia - Italy - Flag carrier flies to 57 zemalja

E8 - AlpiEagles - Italy - Domaći i internacionalni letovi

RC - Atlantic Avio karte - Faroe Islands - Two BAe-200s and a Bell Helicopter from the islands to Iceland, the UK, Norway and Denmark

AtlasJet - Turkey - Domestic flights on A320s and B757s

OS - Austrian lines Avio karte

Avianto - Russia - Charter cargo and passenger flights on various Antonov Avio kartecraft. Scheduled flights soon

M4 - Avioimpex - Macedonia - From Skopje to Istanbul and major european capitals on DC-9s and MD-80s

LZ - Balkan Bulgarian Avio kartelines - Bulgarian flag carrier uses Tupolevs, Antonovs and 737s

B2 - Belavia Belarusian Avio kartelines - Scheduled and charter flights to Europe and Asia

KF - Blue1 - Finland - formerly Avio karte Botnia, a subsidiary of SAS. Third largest regional Avio karteline in Europe

BU - Braathens - Norway - The country's largest. Also serves Sweden

DB - Brit Avio karte - France - A regional arm of Avio karte France

BY - Britannia Avio karteways - UK - Holiday destinations from Germany and the UK

BA - British Avio karteways - UK - "The World's Favourite Avio karteline"

JY - British European Avio karteways - UK - Domestic flights, including Jersey and Guernsey

BD - British Midland - UK - Heathrow's

CV - Cargolux - Luxembourg - Seven 747-400Fs fly cargo to every continent except Australia

H2 - City Bird - Belgium - Brussels to the US, Mexico and Europe

FD - City Flyer (British Avio karteways) - UK - British Avio karteways flights out of Gatwick

WX - CityJet - UK - London and Dublin to the Costa del Sol

6P - Club Avio karte - Italy - From Verona to Eastern Europe

BX - Coast Avio karte - Norway - Primarily operates flights between Haugesund and Bergen

DE - Condor - Germany - North American site for this German holiday service

SS - CorsAvio karte - France - Holiday destintions in the US, Africa and Thailan

7C - Coyne Avio karteways - Russia - Scheduled cargo and passenger flights in the Caspian Sea area

OU - Croatia Avio kartelines - The national Avio karteline based in Zagreb

X5 - Cronus Avio kartelines - Greece - To Greece from Germany, Rome and Paris

LX - CrossAvio karte - Switzerland - Now Swiss International Avio kartelines

CY - Cyprus Avio karteways

YK - Cyprus Turkish Avio kartelines - North Cyprus - From Turkey and London to North Cyprus

OK - Czech Avio kartelines - Czech Republic - From Prague to world destinations

DX - DanAvio karte - UK - An unofficial, commemorative site. Taken over by BA in '93

DWT - Darwin Avio karteline - Switzerland - SAAB 2000s between Lugano, Arial, Barcelona and Olbia

3D - Denim Avio karteways - Germany - Dusseldorf, Augsburg and Berlin

East Line Avio kartelines - Russia - Cargo and passenger flights on forty Avio kartecraft to points in Russia, Europe and the Mediterranean

XZ - EastAvio karte - Sweden - Lear Jets and Piper PA-31s based at Bromma

U2 - easyJet - UK - Budget flights on 737s from London Luton

G3 - Emerald Avio karteways - UK - Cargo flights in BAe 748 and Shorts SD360 out of Liverpool's John Lennon

OV - Estonian Avio karte - To major western European capitals

F4 - Eureca - Italy - Domestic flights in northern Italy on Fokkers and a FAvio kartechild Metroliner

EP - Europe Avio kartepost - France - Formerly Aéropostale

M3 - European Avio karte Express - Germany - Business commuter flights out of Cologne/Bonn

MY - Euroscot - Scotland - Domestic regional Avio karteline. Now operated by Gill Avio karte

EW - Eurowings - Germany - Regional flights throughout Europe

AY - FinnAvio karte - Finland - Flying out of Helsinki for more than 75 years

AY - FinnAvio karte - Finland - Official homepage for the Americas

DP - First Choice - UK - Holiday flights to Southern Europe, Northern Africa and the Caribbean

F3 - Flying Enterpise - Sweden - Stockholm, Skövde, Jönköping and Visby

G7 - Gandalf Avio kartelines - Italy - From Milan to major European capitals in FAvio kartechild-Dornier 328s

BA - GB Avio karteways - Gibraltar - British Avio karteways franchise flies B737s to Manchester and London Gatwick

OG - Go - UK - Now easyjet.

HR - Hahn Avio karte - Germany - Charters on FAvio kartechilds and SAABs

HF - Hapag-Lloyd - Germany - Extensive network of European holiday destinations using A310s and B737s

DU - Hemus Avio karte - Bulgaria - From Sofia to Europe, Africa and the Near East

IB - Iberia - Spain - The flag carrier

FI - IcelandAvio karte - Iceland - Europe and North America from Keflavik

3L - InterSky - Germany - Dash 8 flights connect major German cities, plus Bern and Vienna

HH - Islandsflug - Iceland - Domestic flights on B737s, ATR-42s, Dornier 228s and a Piper Chieftan

JU - JAT Yugoslav Avio karte lines - Unofficial site, but good enough to warrant an exception

KeenAvio karte - UK - Scheduled flights between Liverpool, UK and Cork, Ireland on two Embraer Bandeirantes

7B - KrasAvio karte-Krasnoyarsk Avio kartelines - Russia - Extensive domestic and European network on Tuploevs and Illushyns

KL - KLM Royal Dutch Avio kartelines - Netherlands - Schiphol to major world destinations

UK - KLM uk - UK - Seventeen UK Avio karteports to Schiphol

NG - Lauda Avio karte - Austria - The famous F1 driver spawned an Avio karteline

LC - LoganAvio karte - UK - Serving Scotland for British Avio karteways

TE - Lithuanian Avio kartelines - From Vilnius to northern Eurpoean capitals on B737s and SAABs

LO - LOT Polish Avio kartelines - Dates back to the 1920s

LT - LTU International Avio karteways - Germany - Holiday destinations in Florida, California and the Caribbean

LH - Lufthansa - Germany's biggest and most famous

LH - Lufthansa Cargo - Germany - The flag carrier's freight division

CL - Lufthansa CityLine - Germany - Five hundred flights a day to 61 European cities. CRJs and Avros

LG - LuxAvio karte - Luxembourg - 737s, Embraers and Fokkers to the rest of Europe, North Africa and New York

DM - Maersk Avio karte - Denmark - From Copenhagen and Brillund to major European cities

MA - Malev Hungarian - Based at Budapest's Ferihegy International Avio karteport

6E - Malmo Aviation - Sweden - Malmo and Umea to Stockholm Bromma on Avros and BAes

JE - Manx Avio kartelines - UK - From the Isle of Man to Ireland, Scotland and England

MP - MartinAvio karte - Netherlands

M7 - MAT Macedonian Avio kartelines - Macedonia

8M - MaxAvio karte - Sweden - Flights connecting Malmö, Sweden with Hamburg, Germany and Oslo, Norway

IG - Meridiana - Italy - Low-cost carrier to domestic points plus Madrid, Barcelona and Amsterdam

Q2 - Minerva Avio kartelines - Italy - Partner to Alitalia

2M - Moldavian Avio kartelines - Moldova - Chisinau to Budapest on SAAB 2000s

ZB - Monarch Avio kartelines - UK - Scheduled and charter flights to European holiday spots

ZR - Muk Avio karte - Denmark - Short flights from Copenhagen to other Scandanavian cities

6N - Nordic Leisure - Sweden - Charters on MD-80s

OL - OLT - Germany - Commuter flights from Bremen to London, Berlin, Naples, Toulouse

OA - Olympic Avio karteways - Greece - Flag carrier

FP - Par Avion Avio kartelines - Australia - Operates in Tasmania

NI - PGA Portugalia Avio kartelines - Portugal - Fokker 100s and Embraer 145s to Europe and the Grand Canary Islands

Polonia Avio kartelines - Poland - ANs and ILs configured for cargo

NI - Portugália Avio kartelines - Portugal - From Lisbon to Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, and the UK with Fokkers 100s and Embraer 145s

QAH - Quick Avio karteways - Netherlands - Rotterdam and Groningen

VM - Regional Avio kartelines - France - Created in 1992 by th merging ofAvio karte Vendée with Avio kartelec

GU - Riga Avio kartelines - Latvia - London, Moscow and Paris to Riga

FR - RyanAvio karte - Ireland - Budget flights from Dublin to Europe on twenty-two 737s

SN - Sabena - Website details the Avio karteline's bankruptcy

E5 - Samara Avio kartelines - Russia - Domestic flights on Tupolevs, Ilushyns, Yakolevs and Antonovs

SK - SAS - Sweden - Boeings and MDs to North America, Europe and Asia

SP - SATA - Portugal - Includes Sata Avio karte Acores, Sata Internacional, Sata Express and Azores Express

SP - Sata Avio karte Açores - Portugal - Flights between the islands, and to Toronto, Boston, Lisbon, Porto and Madeira

Sayakhat Avio kartelines - Russia - Cargo (Ilyushin 76TD) and passenger (Tupolev 154M) flights

S7 - Siberia Avio kartelines - Russia - International and domestic service on Tupolevs and Ilushyns

CB - Scot Avio karteways - Scotland - Used to be Suckling Avio karteways

VW - Skyways - Sweden - Domestic partner of SAS uses Saabs, Fokkers and Jetstreams

6Q - Slovak Avio kartelines - Slovakia - TU-154 and B737 service from Bratislava to Brussels and Moscow

SN - SN Brussels Avio karteline - Belgium - The new national Avio karteline

Q7 - Sobel Avio karte - Belgium - A charter remnant of Sabena

NR - SpanAvio karte - Spain - Domestic flights plus major South American and European destinations

NB - Sterling - Denmark - Low-cost flight from Copenhagen and Stockholm to Mediterranean hotspots

EZ - Sun Avio karte - Denmark - Jetstreams between Sweden, Norway, Ireland and Germany

W3 - SwiftAvio karte - Spain - Flies cargo for DHL

LX - Swiss International Avio kartelines - Switzerland - Worldwide destinations. Was CrossAvio karte

SO - Swiss World - Switzerland - Arial to Montreal, Newark and Miami

TP - TAP Avio karte Portugal - 737s and most of the Avio kartebus family

RO - TAROM - Romanian Avio karte Transport - Flag carrier flies to major world destinations

FQ - Thomas Cook Avio kartelines - Belgium - From Belgium to European holiday spots

AWC - Titan Avio karteways - UK - Corporate charters based at Stansted

UN - Transaero - Russia - Russia's first privately-owned Avio karteline flies to many major Russian and European cities

T4 - Transeast Avio kartelines - Latvia - From Riga to Jonkoping and Billund

HV - Transavia - Netherlands - Amsterdam to Eurpoean holiday spots

6N - TTA TransTravel - Netherlands - A Dash-8 and a Beech between Rotterdam, Hamburg, Göteborg and Copenhagen

TK- Turkish Avio kartelines - Flag carrier

VO - Tyrolean Avio karteways - Austria - Member of the Austrian Avio kartelines Group flies to 49 destinations in 24 countries

PS - Ukraine International Avio kartelines - Jointly owned by the government, SwissAvio karte and the GPA Group, Inc.

U6 - Ural Avio kartelines - Russia - Ekaterinburg to the rest of Russia

HY - Uzbekistan Avio karteways - From Tashkent to Asia and Europe

VS - Virgin Atlantic - UK - London and Manchester to major world cities

TV - Virgin Express - Belgium


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Antonov An-12BP Ukraine Air Alliance sletanje na niški aerodrom

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